i ♥ u :)

sometime i wish i knew you name , at time i want to say hello , but you seem so far away , to let my feeling show , and though i don't know what to say , i feel that soon one day , love will place you by my side , and it shall be our guide , this word dear , manana sera se si , means our love will always be , something special and also true , girl i along to be with you , when i have you by my side , you'll always be my pride , love so simple and so sweet , i do think that you are all that i need , i need you to know , my heart forever grows , closer to your warm embrace , every time i see your face :) , i'wanna show i do love you , that i do , do really love you ! , oh baby , i always thinking about you , don't leave me here with this tears , all the love we make could never be erased , i promised u that u're never be replaced , i regret to the god that i have you by my side , i enjoyed everyday that i spent with you , i ♥ u ! yes i do , i ♥ so much ! i miss you !

mood : don't know , crying !
location : in my bedroom
time : 5.20 pm


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