oficially single dude ! :(

hye all , today is my very sad , i don't believe that i'm leaving dayah ! today is my bastard day among of my day in my life ! my heart is hurt with her attitude , today , this morning , i just wake up and realize that no point to get in argue everyday , this morning , i already laugh , making joke , poke her , just like old time ago , but on 10 o'clock , she said to me that she has an appointment with an optical specialist in seremban , i said to her don't go because today is Deepavali Day ,but she go to ,until now , she never come back again , what i must do to make her just like old time ago , i'm very sad sad sad just like crazy guy ! but however , i still love her ! he want me to changed , i change but don't know what she want me to be , i 'm not perfect dear , but i also have a heart that contain emotion , sad , happy , angry , love , miss , and other emotion that all living thing in this world had it , not just human being , but also an animals , they cared of their child , same like me , i cared about my special wife , when you get down , i always be there for you , when you cry , i always call you to entertain you dear , when you laugh , we laugh together , we smile together , everything together , but why must we suffer like this in this relationship , we are is this real world , everybody said we were a perfect and lovely couple , even your senior and junior in your ex school also said that to me , they pray for us to be together forever , but why now dear ? why ? i'm sad now dear , when you sad , cry , i will clean your tear with my hand , but when i cry ? what you do ? just leave me there with all sadness is my heart , i can't hold it anymore , man never cry for a girl ! but me ! fuck it ! cry for you dear , i never cry to a girl even sha you know ? sha is my last love ! but you come , rainbow again my world with your first attitude , but now ? urgghhh ! i don't want to say anything , just wait and see my other post of my heart broken story . . i still waiting to you , you're my last love dear ! bye . . salam :(

mood : sad
action : non-stop crying
location : under penang bridge on 13 steps . .
my heart said : want her back GOD !


MiSZ CLauDyJiE said...

so sad..
bruntung nye kak dayah dpt abg..

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