she changed :(

for your all information , i will not tell bad things about dayah in this blog , but i can't ! , i'm so sorry , i'll be frustrated if i didn't tell all that contain inside my heart , she changed , like the title of this post . As usually , dayah will make me happy , laughing together , but after she had a sport days at SMTTJ , she changed ! she always say that i'm always mad to her even though didn't mad to her . For me , she changed too fast , maybe after seeing her ex-bf at SMTTJ , so sad actually , but i try not to show in front of her , just laugh in front of her , make him smile , but , she will say that i mad to her , so sad actually , my love ? why you should changed so fast like this ? do you love me ? don't be like this , now days , she always say that leave her if her make trouble to me , hmm , why should i care ? it's so hard to leave person that i love so much in this love ! but her ? always say like that to me , what should i do ? :( sad sad sad ! dunno what to say anymore , but i'll try to make her happy as i could , but i already know that i failed to make her happy , even , the joke that he test to me , i'm already make that word serious, so ? my false right ? she never wrong , she always right , she tell to her friend about my attitude , i'm understand now , she does not like the way i'm now , oke , fine dear , i will changed again , for my sake , i will never leave you , i swear ! i will changed ! remember this , i will changed , i'll not get angry to you , you free to do anything ,oke ? thats you want right ? oke , i will do it , i sad of you , bye ! :(


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